Tally Upgrade

A Brief

Do you require many users to work on Tally simultaneously? The best solution is to upgrade your Tally from single user to multiuser. Your existing single user license will get upgraded to multi user and you can now access your Tally Prime from all computers in your office network simultaneously.

This is an unlimited multi user edition Tally. Main advantage of an upgrade from Tally single user to multiuser Tally is that whereas you can use single user Tally on only one computer at a time, multi user Tally can be used on multiple computers on the same network. You also get additional remote users, web access users as well as more Tally virtual users.

  • Unlimited users license instead of 1 user
  • 10 remote users instead of 1 user
  • 10 web logins for web reports instead of only one
  • Get 5 virtual users instead of one
  • The entire team gets secure access to business data as per Tally security rights set
  • Increase in automation and hence efficiency as more company processes are system driven now instead of the earlier manual process
  • You are a growing business with 10+ employees performing various operations simultaneously

    A business where multiple users are connected to the same data and there is a need for an administrator to manage the data access and also monitor the user’s activities

    A business with multiple branches and head office. All the transactions of Branch office are consolidated to Head office while the local users are still operating smoothly

    Upgrade Your Tally Now